i love you faggots stay perf skylar ☠♡



cuddling isn’t his forte he said


it is weird he said


ashton you lying fuck


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@Calum5SOS: Met a gibbon yesterday. He was full of sass

when you’ve just finished an 8 hr shoot and Simons calls you about some appearance 


Independence Day: i can’t take away your pain

Heartbreak Girl: i can take away your hurt

make up your mind 5sos

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Luke’s cheekbones are so sharp it hurts

and Michael looks like he’s kissing a fish

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favorite feature about michael?
  • luke: i think he has a wonderful beard
  • michael: really bro? say another one what if i shave
  • luke: i think you have wonderful hair
  • luke: on your head
  • luke: and face
  • luke:
  • luke: i love your beard

Too powerful not to reblog… For all those people who have faught, or are still fighting. Who got through it, or who didn’t. Reblog it for them.


michael loves girls and he loves to love girls and he drops subtle hints in every interview about how badly he wants a girlfriend and how good he would treat her and how much he loves to cuddle and remembeR that time he talked about writing a girl a 10-page love letter yea this is why michael would be the best boyfriend out of all of them

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the negativity doesn’t just affect us, it affects them as well
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The cuties

This is so cute, I cant even handle it!
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